Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Came Quickly

Spring came as quickly as the last snowfall melted in Dallas, Texas. From spindly, feeble branches, and winter ravaged foliage, plumes of fuchsia and pink covered nearly every trace of the haggard Azalea. Spent leaves, pockmarked and yellow from shards of sleet and bitter cold, fall to the ground beneath her.

Carolina jasmine crept over the north fence to bathe in a pool of golden sunlight. Warmth was scarce on the north side where her roots lay. Brilliant and buttery she fell just short of glowing as cascades of yellow trailed down the weathered gray fence.

Heavy, blue poms overtake the small frame of a newly planted hydrangea. Struggling to stay upright she sways and dips as a gust of spring wind whips round the red brick corner of the north facing wall.

And last of all, crisp white blossoms surround the delicate pout of crimson centered hearts. Masculine, woody stems and oak like leaves provide an unexpected backdrop for the delicate flower of the bleeding heart. In full bloom, there's no longer a trace of the unmistakable heart-shaped flower that first appeared.

.....see you in the garden.

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  1. Lovely blooms of all sorts of colors! Your photos are great! We are not as far ahead as you in spring on the east coast, but we are getting there. Welcome to Blotanical!