Friday, April 8, 2011


Good Afternoon,

I'm a transplant in the Dallas, Texas area. Almost three years ago I moved here with my new husband. Since then my now 22 year old daughter, who was in Florida working for Walt Disney, has moved back in then moved out again and we've added two dogs to the family. The dogs are Toby, a yorkie, and Phoebe, a silky terrier. I'll mention them a lot--the dogs, not the daughter or husband.

Although there is much more to learn, I've learned a few things about the climate in this area:

1. It's hot!
2. It's dry!
3. There's very little dirt and lots of clay.

There isn't much else a person needs to know until those three obstacles are overcome. So far I've learned how to shade garden. I have a nice little collection going on the north side of the house. Other than that I've done very little or what I have done isn't worth mentioning. I want to change that.

Other than doing a little gardening, I'm a full-time student working on my master's degree in Library Science. I work part-time at a corporate library. I love HGTV and when/if I have any free time, I spend it trying to learn how to tear out and replace the back-splash in the kitchen and the tile surround on the fireplace. My motivation isn't completely about earning the degree. It isn't so much about turning a part-time job into a full-time job, nor to buy a car, or the money, or anything like that. It is to have enough time to tear down some really ugly tile and put up something that's pleasing to my chi.

There's always a project to look forward to. I never finish one project before I have several new possibilities in the back of my mind.


  1. Interesting. Are you going to UNT? or UTD?
    My wife graduated from UNT with her masters in library science. She's turned freelance and will be teaching a cooking class at UTA this spring/summer.
    Currently Arlington residents if you want any gardening help.
    Also reviewing your blotanical request.

  2. I take online classes from TWU. I am hoping to have a few options after getting the degree. Your wife must be very resourceful. Cooking is another hobby of mine, although I have very little time for it now. Would love to stay in touch with some folks who share so many interests.