Monday, May 23, 2011

Arizona Grandiflora Rose

The newly planted tea rose on the northeast corner of the house arrived exactly four weeks ago sporting a single peach colored bloom. Although it was evident the color was rich and vibrant, there were no other buds in sight. After buckets of rainfall, literally buckets since I planted her near the downspout, the lovely Arizona is now heavy laden with a profusion of enormous buds.

It will be incredible when the five of these bloom but there are more. On lower branches, buds half the size of these await their turn to shine.


  1. StoBlogger, a belated welcome to Texas! Thanks for your virtual visit to my corner of Katy. Do get some lantana ... the butterflies will thank you. Sow some zinnia seeds too!

    We were blessed by the love of a Yorkie for 8-1/2 years so my heart melted when I saw the picture of Toby. Give him a good cuddle in memory of my Nala!