Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fallen Fledgling Robin

A baby robin has fallen from its nest onto the front lawn. Poor thing I believe is a fledgling, but I'm not certain. The feathers on its wings appear to be rather full but the mother is still coming down to feed it. I don't believe it is hurt, or if hurt, not badly. There are no cats in the neighborhood, thankfully but you never know what else is lurking about. I spotted several dark birds in the top of the tree where the nest is. They could have been trying to make a meal of the babies. If the mother hasn't coaxed it into the shrubs, or if it's unable to move to a safer area in a couple of hours I'll put it under the holly bushes next to the house.

I took this first picture through the screen so it is not very clear. The baby is next to the mother robin (circled in red).

After the mother flew back up into the tree, I went out to make sure the baby was not badly hurt. It seems okay and not in distress.

Mother is fearfully watching from within the branches overhead. The leaves are too thick to even see the nest which is most likely high up in the tree.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mesmerizing Moon

It isn't often I'm able to get a decent photo of the moon, but the sky was very bright last evening as the moon rose over the neighbor's rooftop. I can't help but be mesmerized when the moon is full.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Sapling brings a New Visitor

In hopes of enjoying some shade and some bold, vivid colors in autumn, I recently planted two new saplings in the backyard. One is a Silver Maple which in this area, I believe turns yellow in fall. The other is an October Glory Maple which should turn bright red for autumn.

This morning I discovered a visitor has latched onto the trunk of the October Glory. This jar fly, or as some may know it, a cicada has been in this same position for hours.

I wonder if it's molting. The colors are bright and vibrant which gives me doubts that it is about to shed an old skin but I'm surprised that it isn't moving from this spot.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I purchased the watermelon colored Montezuma rose a little late in the season this year and with only one tiny bud in sight. I've never had good luck growing roses but have decided to give it another try. My first rose purchase in years was made in April when I became mesmerized by the luscious Arizona Grandiflora. She has showed true beauty and grit throughout the record breaking heat we've been experiencing in North Texas.

With much fuss and even a lot more careful watering, the Montezuma is doing well also. The blooms are a bit stunted, by the heat I'm sure, but the color is rich and vibrant and I've managed to get a couple of interesting pictures.

I like this one with sunlight shining through the leaves so they almost appear translucent.

I've read this particular variety of tea rose is highly susceptible to disease. So far it is doing well with morning to mid-day sun and normal to moist, loamy clay soil.