Friday, March 14, 2014

Camo Baby Shower

Who knew making cute little diaper cakes could be so much fun and so easy?
The two bottom tiers are made from size 1 diapers and are wrapped in camouflage ribbon, which was not easy to find. The bottom tier contains 28 diapers, the second tier 17. The top tier is a paper "centerpiece" and the assorted animals (buck, bear, and rabbit) came from various toy stores. The cake fits perfectly on a standard size cake stand.
For the table cloth I puddled baby blue satin, then added a deep chocolate satin fabric over the blue. I tossed around a few individually wrapped "it's a boy" baby blue mints, and cute little baby shoes and socks.
The second diaper cake is exactly the same, except for the assorted forest animals on top. This one has a raccoon, doe, and sleeping bunny for a topper.
With all the camo, things started to blend together. That stuff really works. ;)
Pretty shade of green punch was a perfect compliment for the camouflage, browns, and baby blue. Not just pretty, it was really good, and so easy to make. Two liters ginger ale, 46 ounces of pineapple juice, and 128 ounces of strawberry-kiwi Hawaiian Punch.

 I love how the buck adds masculinity to the otherwise pretty centerpiece.

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